Thursday, December 2, 2010

Giveaway for Crochet Pattern at

Dear friend,

I am hosting a giveaway on my crochet blog, link
Below are the details, pls spread the word

Giveaways..Starts today night 12/01/10 - Ends 12/20/2010

Dear Friends,

As you know i am working on many things new patterns for next year and also trying to speak to publisher's about my new book idea i couldn't introduce new patterns this year except for the one's which have become all time famous especially on Ravelry. Also i have been crazy busy with reviewing books for CT Publishing and  for a friend and with my cake-orders due to which i cannot be in touch ,However not anymore, i will make sure now i am very frequent on my Blog-posts, Twitter, FB...Now wait a minute that really sounds like someone who works in Social Also you will see lot of new Crochet/Felt patterns on my web shops along with many tutorials that i have already worked on.

Do you love giveaways..i very much do and who wouldn't love.I love to win anything extra i can just by doing some simple steps and investing few moments from my daily schedule.
I love December, it is that month of the year where i always feel good mainly  for 2 reason 1.Christmas-I love the atmosphere  and 2nd  reason being a New year to look forward to after Christmas .So just to make this holiday special to my blog/newsletter subscribers and all craft lover's i have something special.

So lets talk about the giveaway....there will be not 1 but 5 winners in the giveaway and they will be getting my most famous ravelry patterns.

The 1st winner will get Basket Ball Set PDF pattern and the other 2 will win Rusky the Puppy PDF pattern followed by the last 2 will 1 pattern each of Flashlight and Battery and Muddy the little Puppy PDF patterns.

Happy Holidays,